More pictures of the new 2010 Subaru Legacy

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I guess this will come out really soon.
Still quite boring to me.
Most wagons look more attractive now. Just look at the “non US” Mazda6 wagon.

And the sedan is really more on the Camry side. Again, I think the Mazda6 is much more attractive and modern looking.
I just can’t see who will pick this over the competition.
That’s pretty much the problem of the current model, and it doesn’t seem fixed with the next one.

Good luck…

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  1. Looks like they are trying to take the Legacy from the earthy-crunchy side of Subaru over to the WRX side. I don’t see this appealing to Mrs. and Mrs. DeGeneres.

  2. I agree that the 2010 Legacy does not have a ground-breaking design, but it looks much nicer and (thank God) larger than the current one. Also, I live in the snow belt and the Legacy having All-Wheel Drive is a big plus. Thanks for the photos, Vince.

  3. Subaru’s best feature is outward visibility, best achieved with an upright windshield. This doesn’t lend itself to swoopy design.
    While the Mazda6 photographs well, it looks awkward and bloated in person.

  4. Does douchebag jones think with his ass and type with his toes? In January and February, when US auto sales plunged 39.4%, Subaru was the only car company to report a sales INCREASE, and with not even a single new model.

    “how can theese guys sell cr in the usa” [sic] ? Come to think of it, that’s probably a question that other manufacturers would give their federal bailout to know the answer to.

  5. I’m looking forward to seeing this new Legacy. I think if they made the trunk a little bit higher, I think it would have given it a sportier stance as well as a little more room in the trunk. Hopefully the sport wagon makes it here and hopefully it does’nt have the greenhouse of the Forester. Also, make the jdm and adm versions the same. And one more thing….GET RID OF THAT STUPID LOOKING OUTBACK SEDAN!!! I HATE that thing!!! I’ve probably only seen 10 of them in as many years and can’t imagine they sell well at all. I’m sorry if someone out there owns one but I seriously would rather be poked in the eye than look at that vehicle.

  6. The new Legacy will actually have a smaller amount of cargo volume capacity, compared to the current model. The larger wheelbase will give rear passengers a little more leg room instead.

  7. Too bad we won’t see the wagon in the US (besides in Outback form). Looks better than the sedan IMHO. Might be okay so long as Toyota doesn’t ruin it with all of their flimsy hard plastic interior bits and they keep the Turbo Boxer heritage.

  8. These are looking a lot better than the current dorkmobiles Subaru makes.

    LOL…The “Word Verification” is “fartg”…What do I win?

  9. john m – you’ll only keep seeing fewer Outback sedans. 2007 was the last model year for that body style.

  10. I just can’t see who will pick this over the competition.

    Subie fanatics and those who want AWD.

    As with all Subies, I’m sure it will look much better in person.

  11. I just can’t see who will pick this over the competition.

    When last were you in Vermont, Maine or New Hampshire?

  12. To anonymous 3/16/09 9:29pm,


    Thanks for the info. You just made my day! No…really!

  13. Its funny how all the crappy comments subaru ever gets are from people who drive boring junk boxes. subaru’s never break ground on looking very nice, although there are some exceptions. even with the current legacy, here in japan where im stationed a legacy B4 and the legacy STI are BEAUTIFUL!. at the end of the day a legacy and subaru in general is the exact opposite of what the main stream wants. looking at a subaru might not be anything special…but drive one, you will never think ill of subie again. fantastic turbos, amazing all wheel drive. and im my humble opinion the only car i will ever want to own.

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