Next Porsche Cayenne

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Looks like the Porsche bestseller will soften up a little bit.

I bet it won’t look that different though. Even though it will be “all new”.
Following the “don’t mess with success” design mantra…

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  1. Smaller, rounder, less cargo space, higher performance – somewhere between a BMW X6 and an Infiniti FX.

    The Panamera Ugly Stick (TM) has thankfully been spared. The new front end is closer to the Boxster and Cayman.

  2. hey everyone, remember vince posted a link with a CGI of the chevy volt and everyone said that it wouldn’t look anything like it, but it ended up looking exactly like it? do you feel stupid now? BTW, i can’t stand porsche SUVs.

  3. In other words they are pulling an FX/Murano/Altima by changing the shape in a way that no one else will really notice and adding new head and tail lights.

  4. I love the new taillights, if they will look like the ones on the photo. They are even a bit Jaguar XK-esque – which is good. The “old” Cayenne is defintely not a good looking SUV, but this could change with the new look.

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