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Th Ampera is a Volt Clone. But even though it’s mostly the same car, that more original front end seems to fit better on such a futuristic model.
I wonder if it’s too late for GM to adopt this on the Volt….

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  1. what a disaster before it begins. Gm insiders must be worried, not just because this weak/feeble car is their last attempt at suvival, but because they are probably introducing a car that is not yet reliable or really ready ….I really see Cadillac Cimarron future for this dud. It already looks non-current…get it? no current….electric….whatever!

  2. I did drive the Venza a few weeks ago.
    It is a big car that looks and feels big.
    the interior looks lice but there are too many cheap plastic bits.
    The main problem for me was the harsh ride. Especially for a family car.
    And the high price. It is well into Lexus territory with just a few options

  3. I prefer this front end but GM isn’t looking for a buyer for Opel? What will be the future of this Ampera concept?

  4. Is that in concept form?? I am hoping it is not because it does look wow for a vehicle!

    Now why can’t the volt looks like that?!

  5. The Volt can’t look like that because it’s not an Opel/Vauxhall. The grill does not match Chevy’s current theme. With that said, I do like the Opel Amera a lot… but I think it will be toned down considerably.

  6. It could possibly be offered as an aftermarket body kit for the volt.
    Maybe a majority of potential volt buyers may want a vehicle which isn’t as “loud” as this.

  7. I wonder if Vauxhall will want a version of this as well.
    Actually Daewoo would love to put their badge on this as well.
    A majority of GM range are rebadged Daewoo’s so why not??

  8. i remember reading that the chevy volt is gonna be sold along side this in europe, which i dont really get?

  9. I think it looks better that the Volt by tearing away the “boring” parts. It’s not that had to keep the Chevy grille on this. The Holden version is the one getting the short end of the stick. Opel put so much more effort in designing this. There’s no reason that each version can’t have a different front end. They were able to do it to the Cavalier in the 80s, so why not now?

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