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Another good looking wagon we won’t get.
The closest thing over here would be the rather boring looking Jetta wagon.

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  1. This Megane seems to be another in a long line of auto design that was influenced by the First gen Murano and Mazda3 5door from the curve of the rear quarter window and the shape of the rear hatch glass and angle. When will it end?

  2. Good Looking? Just because a car isn’t absurdly Ugly– doesn’t mean it’s “good looking”. Pretty hard for a car this small to be anything better than “acceptable” looking. A Chrysler 300 is “Good Looking”. A Rolls Royce is “Good Looking”. A Corvette is “Good Looking” This wagonish-hatchback thingy is merely adequite. I mean, lets be realistic– if you had a million dollars, would you buy this –over anything else– on looks alone? …No.

  3. it is in fact coming. You will notice that when Carlos Goshn addressed Nissan’s recent losses ( as with toyota), he stated that Nissan and Renault would dig deeper for even more synergies. Meaning, crash test these, redo grille to add logo….done! All new Sentra wagon….box it up !

  4. Its actually quite a large wagon so i don’t think they will label it a a sentra.
    It Mazda6 size.

  5. To anonymous..Good looking?…
    Let’s be realistic– if I had a million people to choose from, with whom I’ll have discussion about…anything, after two lines you wrote…No,you ain’t the one…

  6. I see a similar theme in Vince’s opinions on what is good looking. If it isn’t coming to the US, it is better looking than if it is.

    Euro envy in full bloom.

  7. Its not that bad in fact it is a good looking wagon.
    Its only the reliability factor and expense of repair that worries me.

  8. yes it is says….It is the size of the sentra…therefore….new sentra! I wasn’t guessing, I know.

  9. I prefer the design of the Volvo V50 or the larger Passat wagon. The Megane is okay, but it’s not a beauty queen.

  10. I prefer the design of the Volvo V50 or the larger Passat wagon. The Megane is okay, but it’s not a beauty queen.

  11. Nissan might have strong associations with Renault but they never badge swap with each other.
    They stick to their own models.
    So “yes it is” should change names to “no it isn’t”.

  12. The new Megane makes me wish that the Saturn Distribution Channel would make some deal with Renault/Nissan to become the distribution channel for some of Renault’s products. With an unstable economy and Renault/Nissan claiming huge losses, I know it won’t happen though.

  13. Im sure Nissan or Renault would rather distribute these themselves through their own channel.
    Theres too much rebadging going on as it is.

  14. i reckon the rear visibility is terrible

    at least i could see out the back of a boring looking jetta wagon tdi

  15. not one renault is rebadged here. too much rebadging? wtf are you talking about? It’s bad when two rebadged cars are in the same market (GM style and toyota and gm Matrix/vibe), but overseas shouldn’t be an issue. This beauty will be sold here as a Nissan and you will love it, ya hear me?

  16. So what your saying is this is going to be sold as a Nissan when it is produced by Renault??
    That basically is badge engineering as it is not made by Nissan. Nissan will get these wagons, remove the Renault badges and replace them with Nissan badges. Now thats badge engineering.
    Unless these roll out of a Nissan factory, then they arn’t a genuine Nissan.
    Pay Attention to that.

  17. Pay Attention said…

    This beauty will be sold here as a Nissan and you will love it, ya hear me?

    March 9, 2009 11:36 AM

    I think you just contradicted yourself. If this sold as a nissan, its been rebadged, as it was originally a renault.

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