“Riich” by Chery

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In an amazingly cheesy move, Chinese car maker Chery has created a new luxury brand called “Riich”.
Sounds fake, but it’s true.

Besides the horrible and laughable name, this car actually looks pretty nice.
It will be available with a 2.0 Liter and a 3.0 Liter V6.

I just wonder if this could make a nice upscale Saturn to replace the Aura.
Chery has been trying to get into the US for years…

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  1. Looks safe….as long as you don’t drive with the trunk up! The brake lights are confined to the trunk lid!

    On a side note, do they hire Chinese designers to come up with the cars used in the Grand Theft Auto series? This looks like it would fit right into the game with its Stylish Anonymity.

    With that out of the way, it still looks great.

  2. They have come a long long way very fast ! this thing looks awesome ! it took Hyundai “years” to get there act together then we have the ford ranger and crown vic, amongst many others that need a redesign so badly and the chineese just keep cranking out new designs so quickly…

  3. Jetta meets Aveo meets Mercury Milan. It looks good at first. But at a second or third glance it’s a total heap.

  4. “Anonymous said…
    Jetta meets Aveo meets Mercury Milan. It looks good at first. But at a second or third glance it’s a total heap.”


    Those tailpipes look cheesy.

  5. this may look “good” for a Chinese brand but it looks horrible compared to the rest of the car market. Like it was designed 10 years ago. Are those 14″ wheels?

  6. Wow…It looks like the current Chevy Impala from the front and the New Ford Taurus from the back.

  7. Horrible??? have u seen the 2010
    Lexus RX, ES, LX, the up coming stupid BMW crossovers, the ACURAS…and of course, most of the Big 2.6 cars.

    To be fair…this car just look right…not pretty…but clean looking…It’s not horrible.

  8. For the majority of car buyers, this will look fine and it would sell quite well anywhere. The biggest hurdle for any new player is always brand awareness. It won’t sell in the US because you all seem really fearful of the Chinese generally.

  9. Saturn would be better off dead. This thing looks like a cross between an old Daewoo and something the Russians would have built… why does it seem to be sitting so high in the rear? We keep hearing that they’re coming over here, but let’s hope that in reality that’s still a very long way off.

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