Small Nissan RWD Coupe ?

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They were rumors a few weeks ago that Nissan’s upcoming small RWD coupe was cancelled.
(Just like the one from Toyota/Subaru has been pushed back)
But it seems that the Nissan might be back on track.
Maybe they just want to be ahead of Toyota, who knows.
It sure seems like a good idea, an affordable small coupe, with a 200hp 1.6 LIter engine.

Why not…. Maybe they could even get a small sporty sedan out of that platform.

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  1. Not a bad looking car, but do all of Nissan’s two doors have to look the same? This one looks like all three of the coupes from the windshield back, at least from this angle.

  2. They talked it for how many years but it still didn’t come out. I heard this rumor for 2 to 3 years, I think test water is enough, let’s bring it the real thing, no matter it is a 1.6 or 2 liter turbo engine.

  3. The biggest word on this post was affordable, they think 20-25k is affordable now ( not me ) i cant afford a 25k car payment right now, and if i could i would not take on that kinda debt with our world economy being as it is, and neither can there target market (18-35) for a small 2 door coupe ! Im still kicking myself for not getting one of the last 240sx cars that my local dealer had a ton of them for 12,995 now that was a bargain !

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