Tata Nano test drive

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One of the 1st test drives of the Indian version of the Nano.
Again, different from the one we’ll get over here. With a larger engine, longer wheelbase, revised interior etc…

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  1. The Big Wheel that I rode when I was six years old was more substantial than this thing. This makes a lot of sense in third-world countries. But in Europe and the US, buy a used car.

  2. Great gas mileage and great price. All those overweight SUV drivers are going to be clamoring to stuff themselves into these once Obama starts the fossil fuel tax initiative.

  3. The guy really liked it!

    If it comes over here I’d much rather have a used Civic or something along those lines. It certainly would be bigger, more comfortable, safer, and more practical. It also goes without saying that it would be more fun to drive as well.

  4. 70mph max? this might work well in NYC.

    It works great in third world countries as a substitute for motorcycles. It might work in crowded cities of Europe too.

    I don’t see it here in normal America. I agreed that a good used vehicle is a better choice.

  5. WHY? really, WHY are we even paying attention to this third world appliance??? The crazy economy is driving people crazy. Only if we didn’t have that sub-normal Bush, people would have, at least, kept their sanity. Think about it. it’s very saddening.

  6. Things are good in general especially the price, but i worry about the highway stability and the safety of this car.

  7. Like the reviewer said, leave your biases at home, this car is reflective of the new world order- get used to it. Think about what it is designed to do, and the price, and the uniqueness-it is out-of-the-box thinking, something the automotive world desperately needs. While the Germans are still engaged in a horsepower war, and trying to buy each other to avoid CO2 taxation, and our hometeam is bankrupt, a breath of fresh air from India.

  8. Hey I saw the footage from New Orlean, you guys ARE in the third world.

    My family already has an SUV with 7 seats, this would make an ideal second car for my daily commute to work.
    Not sure if it will come here ( Australia ) since they are mandating stability control.

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