Tesla Model S

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This is the new Tesla sedan. Still called a concept.
But this is pretty much what the production version will look like.
The all electric sedan is expected to cost about $50 000 when it goes on sale.

Tesla has also said they are developing an even more affordable car.

This is already pretty much the same price as many other luxury sedans on the market. Almost none of them looking as good as this one…

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  1. let’s hope someone can pump money into Tesla to get this actually built. Otherwise, it’s a vaporride…

  2. I didn’t think they were still in business.
    And i don’t think they will be unless they sort out the reliability problems.
    Vince’s friend Jeremy Clarkson drove one on Top Gear and it broke down.

  3. Vince, if you look really closely at the pic, that seam running continuously from the roof to the bumper appears to be a hatch. Is that correct…this will be a 5dr?

  4. It seats 7 people (5 adults and 2 children in rear-facing seats in the hatch).

    That’s weird to me…

  5. DAAAMN!!! This thing looks gooood! I hear it’ll seat 7. I don’t know how, but that’s what I hear. I also read 300 mile range and 0 to 60 in 5.5 seconds.

  6. Yes it is a hatch.
    An amazing car.
    That idiot from Top Gear ran of of juice from the batteries during he test. The car did not break down.

    Tesl said he was pushing it and in that case the batteries don’t last as long.
    He’s an idiot anyway…

  7. J Miles or Vince, the comment about next-gen accord, do you have any pictures? If it looks anything like this, I want one.

  8. A sedan that seats 7? Now THATs something to talk about! For $50,000 this thing is a steal compared to the Lexus LS, Mercedes S-class, and BMW 7 series. I can see it causing some damage for those markets!

  9. A beautiful car. Not as beautiful as the Fisker Karma, but close. However, the rear looks very much like the Jaguar XF. That’s not the worst thing, though 😉

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