What could have been…..

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With brands like Hummer, Saturn disappearing soon.
And Pontiac, Saab shrinking, or worse.

Let see what could have been. Some future products were pretty advanced already…
Which will you miss the most???

-The next Insignia based Saturn Aura.
-The Next Saturn Astra.
-The Saturn Vue two mode Hybrid.
-The Small Hummer H4.
-The next generation Pontiac Solstice.
-The Pontiac G8 ST pick up.

Anything else???

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  1. The Hummer Dumb. Small as a Smart car, with a mother of a grill and 20 in tires, and still gets 6 miles to the gal.

  2. -The next Insignia based Saturn Aura will be the Insignia based Buick Regal.

    -The Saturn VUE two modes Hybrid will be in sale for one year or two then it will disappear… but “MIRACLE!!!”: a Chevy Equinox 2 mode Hybrid will spawn from it.

    -The next generation Pontiac Solstice / Saturn Sky will probably be a “Alpha” based Chevy Sting Ray and/or “baby” Cadillac XLR. Think short wheelbase, 2 seats “Cadillac BLS mk2″…

    – Sorry for the Saturn Astra but a “semi premium” compact hatchback from a US brand will probably never have some kind of success. The only thing we can hope is that the Chevy Cruze can be ok…

    For the rest, I don’t think that a lot of people will cry…

  3. I will miss the Insignia based next gen Aura. I realize Buick will take it over, but I don’t like the grill of the Buick. I like Opels much better.

    The one with real big potential, I thought, was a small Hummer. If they kept it light weight and put a d.i. v-6 or d.i. turbo 4 cyl, I think it would have done well. They also could have done a Wrangler competitor as well as have a hybrid version. Kinda like a Hummer version of the Volt. And NO I was never a fan of the BIG Hummers. In fact I’m not a fan of suv’s at all.

  4. -Insignia is apparently going to go to Buick
    -Not coming to the US, but the Delta-II based Cruze and other models are.
    -Hmm, not sure what’s going to happen with this? Maybe they’ll put the tech into the Equinox or Terrain.
    -It was never confirmed.

  5. Which will you miss the most???

    -The next Insignia based Saturn Aura.
    -The Next Saturn Astra.
    -The Saturn Vue two mode Hybrid.
    -The Small Hummer H4.
    -The next generation Pontiac Solstice.
    -The Pontiac G8 ST pick up.

    None of the above. No, wait…I can be nicer than that. I’d miss the Insignia based Aura most out of that group.

  6. I was really looking forward to the next generation Saturn Astra(I almost leased a brand new one…then the economy sunk and they took away the leasing option…). Also i was really looking forward to the next generation Solstice and or Sky, because those vehicles had so much potential.

  7. Next Saturn Astra/Insignia
    A new GTO & the G8 ST
    New Solstice, Sky, Sonnet (?)
    I was hoping the Corsa'd make it here too.

    H4 would've been neat

    Yeah I had high hopes, not any moar

  8. I am sorry to see the Astra doing so poorly. Thousands of Europeans drive them. I rented one when I was in Europe and it was a fantastic car performing well on all counts. The Aura is the best looking of any GM car made. Sleek and stylish. I am sooooooooo happy to see Hummer go down. Keep it a military vehicle only!

  9. I know its an oddity, but I liked the Pontiac G8 pickup. Maybe thats why I liked it… there isnt anything else like it.

  10. Hahahahahahahah ….you will see them all, don’t worry. Dinosaurs all show up in Museums. I’m a toyota salesman…Hahahahaha

  11. The Opels as Buicks does not make sense. They are more “sporty” than “luxo”. They should be Pontiacs.

    Opel Astra = Pontiac G4
    Opel Insignia = Pontiac G7

    The Pontiac G8 ST pick-up should be given to Chevy as the El Camino. Duh!

    Saturn Vue two mode Hybrid. That drivetrain can probably be used for the new Eqinox/SRX/Terrain.

    Pontiac Solstice will probably remain since Pontiac will be “boutique” brand.

    H4 is R.I.P.

  12. You can get a Hummer JDM front-end kit for the Honda Pilot…Makes it look a lot meaner so the little people won’t like it.

  13. – The next Insignia based Saturn Aura.

    – The Saturn Vue two mode Hybrid.

    But most of all, I think I’m going to miss the hundreds of thousands of jobs that are going to be lost.

    That’s a lot of kids who will be selling drugs to get by.

  14. Right On! jad376. I STILL lament all the millions of jobs lost in the buggy whip factories. Why aren’t we still subsidizing them? So what if no one buys them ….think about the kids. What are taxes for if not to give $ to loser companies. Isn’t that what capitalism is all about? Isn’t that the American way?

  15. I saw the Cruze at Melbourne Motor Show: the cheapest crap you can find on this planet, no comparisson to Astra

  16. Anyone notice how whenever a GM brand is about to be killed off, that’s when we see it having top of the chart products (as in, critics love them)?

    The HUMMER may be an exception.

  17. I was looking forward to the Holden Ute based Pontiac G8 ST. What a shame. I really thought the G8 ST had a place here in the states.

    A great modern alternative to the El Camino.

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