2010 Subaru Outback

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Finally an all new Outback. Same recipe with similar engines.
But it all seems to work fine.
It just doesn’t look that great, that’s all.

But that interior looks better than the previous Legacy pictures. Maybe it’s just the wood…

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  1. To me this looks MUCH better than some of those horrible looking pictures of the possible design where it had all the junk on the sides which was supposed to make it look sporty/hip? But instead look ghetto.


    It looks like someone was trying to make a Volvo XC70 or a Saab 9-5 but got drunk on the way.

    I have a feeling this will be one of those cars that looks better in person…but for the record, the headlights are a little too Chrysler Sebring, the faux wood looks cheesy and Korean (or Chinese!) and the gear shifter in my 2005 is much more Lexus-like than this. The roof rails only have about 18″ (or less) of full clampable rail! And what are those plastic “skid plates” doing on the sides and not the back? The grille was lifted from the forester, but doesn’t do this thing any favors. At least it looks better than the Legacy…

  3. Too bad they forgot to style it… Well, it just lacks modernity and elegance. It doesn’t even have that “lovely ugliness” of a Fiat Multipla: let’s face it, Steevy Wonder would have come up with a better design.

    And, wait a sec: the previous Outback used to have a huge electric sunroof, this one just has a regular one. Maybe they want to make sure their products won’t attract customers.

  4. It’s truly a shame that Subaru can’t make a really good looking, gotta-have-it car. We are now seeing really attractive Hyundais and Kias and this company, which in my opinion, produces a fine automobile (I’ve owned two), can’t get a decent design director. First the pig nose front end, now this busy amalgam of bad details. Shame on you Subaru, heads should roll, again!

  5. Not feelin it, maybe it will look better in person but I found there was a certain subtlety to the outgoing Legacy wagon and Outback. This one seems overdone.

  6. Looks like the cargo area has shrunk, just like all other crossover wagons. What’s the point of even bothering, a sedan would make more sense.

  7. I’ll keep my Element, thank you very much.

    I have a friend who has a 2009 Outback and 500 miles after he purchased it it spun a bearing in the crankcase or something to that effect. It is a documented issue on the Legacy forums.

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