2011 Ford Focus

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Or at least, what it could look like.
This would give Ford a great looking compact car in the US.
Compare this to the Corolla…

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  1. LMAO @ “compare this to the Corolla.” That’s like comparing fine chocolate to a fresh turd (although the Corolla is actually rather stale).

    I pray Ford build this design. i am sure they won’t. Rearward visibility is zip.

  2. Vince, As of April 1st, Ford execs have unfortunately stated that they will still stick mainly with a 4 door sedan. They also said that a 2 door hatch will never be sold here in the states, but possibly in Canada. The only version of a hatch could possibly be in the form of a 4 door and they still are dumb enough not be be sure on this!

  3. That looks slick! A true 21st century car. The rear view reminds me of the VW Golf. The current Focus looks just lame in comparison.

  4. FOOOOOORD! If you are listening BUILD IT and make a Hybrid version and you will make a killing. I like the European styling. Compare this to the current Focus. That is like comparing fine chocolate to a stale biscuit. It looks like a fun vehicle.

  5. Wow.

    That is beautiful.

    Vince, why are you even talking about a Corolla? That, in my opinion, is one of the worst choices you can make when purchasing a small sedan now. What a BORING conveyance.

  6. This looks awesome! Hopefully this is what the US version will look like. I think a DI 2.0 l turbo would be a great sport version. A DI non-turbo 2.0l 4 cyl would make a great regular version and a Li ion hybrid would make a great…uh…well…hybrid version. This car has GREAT potential!

  7. Pssst… Ford, I have a winning formula. Audi designs, BMW handling, and Japanese reliability. Can you do it? Huyndai seems to have figured it out and is pursuing part of it. How about you? This baby looks great. Do not forget the 3 elements and you will make a killing.

  8. Ford,

    You talking loco and I like it!

    It’s about damn time! Thirty years of crappy small cars… pfft! Build the damn thing already. This is the quintessential pocket rocket.

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