All new Opel Astra?

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Could this finally be the 1st official pic of the new Opel?
I can’t really tell. If its not, it’s really close anyway.

This was supposed to be our next Saturn Astra. As we all know, it won’t be.
A “trunk” version might still end up here as a new small Buick.

Unless GM sells the whole brand to the Chinese.
As some local press reported yesterday..

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  1. I say bring the sedan and 5-door here as the Buick “Centieme” (this name graced a recent concept CUV for the brand; it would allow Buick to sort of resurrect the “Century” name without the negative connotations associated with that model name). I think Buick could eventually be to the premium segment what Chevrolet is to the affordable segment (minus the truck based products). This car badged as a Buick would help the brand’s expansion and transformation.

  2. mazda3, very nice, much prettier and easily better built than GMs Toyota Matrix. Did you sheep know that GM and Toyota build Matrix and Vibe together….yuk! What will toyota ever do without GM? anyhoo, this car rocks……and it’s really an Opel, not a GM or Saturn.

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