Another Saab 9-5 Illustration

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It does look close to the spy shots we’ve seen of the real thing.

I just hope the real car has a bit more to it.
Something a bit more special, like a Saab should be…

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  1. so it will FWD, just like camry/acccord/altima

    it will have a turbo engine, with about the same hp as v6 camry/accord/altima

    it will have a 5~6 speed trans, just like camry/accord, the altima well have a CVT.

    so so you are pretty much paying 10~15k more in order to experience the extreme low reliability offered by saab, since that seems to be the only thing that sets it apart from those run of the mill mid-size sedans

  2. mediocre rendering
    the spypix showed enough to know the front will be a curvier/rounder new fully-modern take on SAAB’s heritage styling…
    …WILL Look BETTER than this drawing!!!
    just hope it gets built!

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