Aston Martin Rapide

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477hp from its V12.
2000 built a year.

It won’t be cheap….

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  1. “Oriental Express said…

    looks cheap”

    Nothing about an Aston looks cheap.

    What a moronic comment.

  2. Looks better than all the other new to market premuim sedans (it makes the Panamera look like a horrible Chinese copy of a wannabe 4-dr 911)

  3. This is the car of my dreams. But it’s probably the car of anybody’s dreams! Or at least, it should be!

    I recently talked to an Aston designer, old friend of mine from College. He told me that the design team had come up with the idea of the Rapide, and the marketing people were very much against it, they said that Aston had no business making a 4-door. But the designers knew that people would love this car, ignored the suits and went ahead anyway; and then, when the Rapide prototype was presented in Geneva and everybody drooled, the marketing guys talked about it as if it had been their plan all along…

    Among other interesting stuff, he also told me that they knew full well that they would be getting some negative feedback for the Lagonda SUV, but they don’t care because the oil moguls from Arabia and Dubai are crazy about it and have already pretty much paid for the production of a few years! (Personally, I thought the Lagonda didn’t look bad at all, certainly much, much better than the Cayenne, and would very much like to see it in the metal, because he told me that the pictures from Geneva didn’t do it justice)

    And he also told me that, after the experience gained with the LMP1 race car, they have been toying with the idea of a street-legal, mid-engined Aston supercar… The marketing team is against it; might that be a good sign?

  4. cheap is right, that ugly hyundai genesis sedan is a bit better than this…..aston WTF are you guys drinking? Aston people, I’m going to help you here soooo listen up, Porsche didn’t heed my warning with Panamerda, hey DON’T build it!

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