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The one series based SUV was caught filming.
And it looks exactly like the “concept” version of it they showed us a while ago.

Not sure how much this will be but it won’t be cheap. Remember when many of us were expecting the 1 series coupe to start at a bit over $25 000 in the US. It is about $30 000. Around $3500 less than a 3 series.
With he X3 starting at $40 000, I don’t expect this to start at less than $35 000.
Which will be again extremely overpriced for such a small SUV.

At least it is a bit better looking than the X3, but what isn’t….

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  1. I know this is coming completely out of left field, but I immediately thought about the Ghostbusters Caddy ambulance: this would make a nice replacement…

  2. “Travelman64 said…
    Looks like an over priced Nissan Rouge.”


    The X1 is going to be a car for “daddy’s girl”. Rich young girls everywhere will want one of these dumb vehicles.

    The X3 is already pointlessly small. A Honda CR-V is larger and has more utility. I’d honestly rather have the Honda and pocket the difference.

  3. Am i the only one that like’s the current X3 ? and whats with BMW new style of droopy noses it looks awefull, and wanna know what this really looks like ? a Kia Rio cinco wagon jacked up !
    But hey i just read the new X3 is gonna be alot bigger, around the same size as the 1st X5 so the price is gonna go up and they need room at the bottom now, so im sure we will see a 70k X5 a 50k X3 and a 35-40k X1 now….

  4. Hobbits! HA!! I love it!!

    I agree totally with Travelman64! Thats what I thought when I first saw it!

  5. Dumb.

    The current X3 is incredibly overpriced, and the X1 will without a doubt follow suit. But, hey, if you want to spend $50K on a vehicle that is no larger than a 3 Series wagon just about as capable, more power to you.

  6. stop. just stop with the x’s. the x6 was the shark jumping. this is like jumping sharks with frickin’ lasers on their frickin’ heads.

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