Buick Business Concept

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From the Chinese auto show, where Buick is far more popular than over here.

We won’t see this anytime soon, we’ll see a Buick version of the Saturn Vue before this one.
Buick is now rumored to become the “Opel importer” brand for GM.

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  1. WTF? How the hell are they supposed to see over the cowl of that thing? This car reeks of being designed by a stylist that is either not from China or is ignorant of the importance of having a vehicle that is acclimatized to it’s indigenous surroundings. A vehicle indigenous to China should have excellent visibility all-around, especially the front centerline!

  2. A luxury minivan/MPV is a nice idea. Letting Geely/Chery guys join in on the act of Buick styling is not.

    Maybe a Flex/Venza fighter would be more like it.

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