Buick to get the Saturn Vue???

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Haven’t heard of this before, but it sure makes sense.
Saturn has a good offering with the new Vue. And the new 2 mode Hybrid was due really soon.
All that technology shouldn’t be going to waste.
With Pontiac gone, it could only become a small Buick. Actually a good idea.
It does look nice next to the larger Enclave.

Now if they only could the G8 into the Impala. Or something….

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  1. I think it's a terrible idea! The design language of the Vue isn't even in the same ballpark. Buick just now, is re-establishing brand identity with the Enclave & soon to be 2010 Lacrosse. The Vue design would just muddle there efforts, and throw them off course of what a Buick should be. Just my two cents…

  2. Is that a photoshop or a real photo? GM doen't cut many costs if they just bring all the old Pontiac & Saturn models over to Buick or Chev. Toyota is almost as big as GM and has just a small handfull of models. Fewer models = more profits. Toyota didn't get where they are by building a buffet of exciting niche models. Keep it limited, keep it generic, keep it cheap, and you'll last like Edsel(Ford) & Toyota; instead of going broke like Dusenburg & Cord & Packard.

  3. I thought that with the death of Pontiac and Saturn they’d finally stop with this rebadging crap. Apparently not.

    Chevy already sells their version of the Holden in the Middle East as the new Impala, they could just do that here in the US. Save them the trouble of redesigning the Impala.

  4. its obvious that saturns will be sold through GM. saturn did not die, it actually never really existed. They were just rebadged Opels, that are now sold through GM dealers.

  5. Art Vandelay…what do you know? You’re just a Latex Salesman!
    Buick needs an influx of vehicles to enhance their youth-orientation. I could see a reskinned G6 convertible as the Riviera and the Sky renamed the Wildcat. The Buick Enclave should be renamed Roadmaster and the Vue renamed Skylark.
    And Buick should rebadge their new LaCrosse “Electra”…a name that should never die!
    But what to I know… I’m just a Bra Salesman.

  6. GM has been ruining its distinctive brands for decades. GM’s brands lost their luster back in the 1970s and early ’80s, and even became jokes with cars like the Cadillac Cimarron, Pontiac G5, etc.

    All GM is doing now is eliminating badge-engineered redundancy, and that’s a good thing.

    No GM car will be lost if it’s worth offering for sale. Current Saturn and Pontiac models can be turned into Buicks with a few tweaks, so what’s the big deal?

  7. Badge-engineering is what put GM so far ahead of Ford, Chrysler, and everything Japanese or European in the first place. In the 30's-60's it was genious. But times change. Technology changes. What worked in '57 doesn't work any more. Even though GM's current full-size sedans have very little "badge-engineering" people are now familar with the concept, and assume GM does it just as much now as ever. The only way to breakup the public's image of GM is to do something DRASTIC (like kill off 5 of their current 8 brands). The general public thinks G8/DTS/Lucerne/Impala are all just versions of the same full-size sedan. Yet they don't think the Lexus 350 sedan has any shared parts with Camry/Avalon. It's all PR & Marketing. And the ONLY way to change public opinion is for GM to make spectacular changes. If they just decide to completely stop "badge-engineering" it will have no effect at all. The damage is done. The image is cast. It's time for DRASTIC PR-Damage Control.

  8. “Wildcat”, “Roadmaster”, “Park Avenue”, “Super”, and “Grand National” are examples of Buick nomenclature that need to be permanently put out to pasture. All of these names and designations sound too “old school” and will do nothing to assist Buick in its transformation from “stodgy and outdated” to “cool and relevant”.

    I think the Vue should be given a mild front/rear restyling, fitted with the 2.4L DI 4-cylinder engine only, and placed in GMC’s lineup to slot below the LWB Theta 2010 Terrain midsize CUV. GM needs to decide whether Buick or GMC is going to carry CUVs; both brands do not need to do this if they are going to be linked in the same sales channel. My suggestion would be to give Buick MPVs and GMC CUVs.

  9. Why? Who buys Buick anyway except for the geriatric group. It makes more sense ‘supping’ it up for the Caddy division. The SRX is too old.

  10. looks weak and toyotaish, like a Rav, all toyotas are weak. The camry is the biggest dud of all, next to the corolla, and the highlander and the….. well they are all boring…YUK!

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