Chinese Auto Show medley

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Brilliance FSV

Geely iG

Greatwall M3 SUV

JAC B Class

Roewe 550 R5

Here are a few of the cars and concept that were introduced this week in Shanghai.

Which one would you actually consider if it ever made it in the US

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  1. all of these are pure crap from china we have enough good cars in the usa we dont t need this garbage

  2. From these, I’d stick with the JAC. The Roewe is just a bit too plastic. The others are just utter crap it seems.

    (I really prefer the Roewe N1 concept though)

  3. Geely is at least trying to be different.

    I like the Brilliance’s front end.

    But my choice would be the Roewe or JAC (why do they look alike?)

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