Chinese joke from the Shanghai auto show

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The Geely GE is a joke of a car.
Something we couldn’t make up in a movie. It would sound to weird…
Such an obvious and vulgar looking copy.
And it has only one giant seat in the back. Like a throne.

The perfect car for the King of Zanzibar!

The worst part is the emblem.
Some people really have no shame….

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  1. Hey Vince, Run for your life! It’s begining to happen and we can’t stop it! It’s the invasion of the body snatchers!!!

  2. The throne seat is pretty unique, I’ll give ’em that. Does it have room for hoes though, is the question.

  3. As if the grille wasn’t feeble and gaudy enough, there are gold appliques! To represent the epitome of Chinese high class I suppose! I hope this jackass enjoys his giant back seat “throne” because he will not likely have anyone else riding with him.

  4. Looks like what if the Chinese hired Hyundai to design a car with 300, Phantom, and old Bentley Arnage blueprints cut into puzzle pieces and scrambled in one of those air booths they use on some cash grabbing game show.

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