Ford Transit Connect Family One Concept

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Just to show that their new small commercial van could easily be transformed as a family car.
A cheaper and smaller kind of Minivan.

I think it’s a great idea. Most European car makers already offer similar cars in their home markets. Ford seems to be ahead of everyone else in the US in that department.

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  1. It still looks too utilitarian. I doubt many families would be interested in a work van conversion like this.

    I’d like to see what a conversion van or RV company could do with this vanlet…

  2. Nahh. A commercial van can never be as good as one made specifically for family in term of comfort and quality material.

    I have an ’07 Chevy Express and it is crap as as family van.

    And I don’t know if anyone here driven one with rear barn-doors but they are terrible for rearward visibility. Those door pillars always block out vehicles in your lane.

  3. It looks like something that belongs to schools and churches. I don’t think any soccer moms would want to be seen in this thing. I thought everyone was getting away from “minivans?” Kind of irrelevant on Ford’s part for stop making their minivans and bringing this thing over. It doesn’t even fit in with any of their current models.

  4. It’s not any odder than the Element, xB, Cube, or Soul. This actually has some awkwardly funky type of utilitarian appeal. The blue doors do look stupid; hopefully they are just some kind of showcar concept excess.

  5. Cheaper and smaller than what ? this thing will be in the mid 20k when it comes out, and it looks like a dorky pope mobile, no coolness anywhere !

  6. What the..Ford really need their execs evaporated from the Earth. They are truly going to harm the US by making Americans waste their focus on garbage.

  7. I’m having a 1970’s flashback. Ford’s not ahead with this one, they are almost 40 years behind.
    I really doubt the outcome would be any different this time. Who wants to drive around in a plumber’s van when there are tons of stylish high-quality alternatives around?

  8. Well, the Transit Connect is sold as a family transporter since the beginning in Europe. So why not offer it in the U.S.? It’s absolutely big enough for a small family. And you can’t compare this to the American Vans, the Euro-Fords have a much better quality as a Chevy Van or the Ford Econoline.

  9. The Chrysler minivans are bigger and get better fuel mileage…This is just another Ford Dorkmobile.

  10. Well why go half way? How about a UPS delivery van? Your kids could be behind the metal door playing their video games, and you’d be up front with a commanding view of the road and right next to the sliding door, ready to hop out at the mall or country club.

  11. Soccer mom and baseball dad needs room if they were in the market for a minivan!

    Scion, Soul and even the Element are made for 20s something or someone who has no need to carry kids and their stuff (and we know little kids need lots of stuff)!

  12. Just because Honda, Kia, Geely and Scion sell silly commercial cubes as cars; doesn’t mean Ford can do it. Ford buyers have been bred on more style and are a lot smarter when it come to safety. I don’t think they’ll be convinced that this cheap utility cube is really a family car. I mean, if they were just a bunch of ignorant honda/toyota suckers they wouldn’t be at the Ford dealership in the first place!

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