GM to shrink to three?

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The latest rumor is that GM would be forced to shrink itself to just 3 brands.
They claim to have offers for both Saab and Hummer. (Who would actually buy Hummer???)
Saturn is trying to save itself.
Pontiac was told to become a “niche”…Which means nothing, really. A polite word for shrinking, or disappearing…

The 3 left would be:

It does make a little bit of sense if they really separate Chevy from GMC. That would mean no more Chevy trucks.
All truck and SUV business could be handled by GMC.

What do you think????

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  1. No Chevy trucks? Rednecks and other loyalists would be storming GM headquarters with pitchforks and torches. That Ford/Chevy rivalry is alive and well in the truck world. It goes back generations.

  2. then
    there is also
    Opel/Vauxhall which due to be sold also

    and Holden & Buick donno what future they 'll face

    and Daweoo which is also now a niche or just korean chevy.


  3. Hey Vince, What happened to Buick? Did it just slide into another dimension with Oldsmobile and GEO? Anyway, GM is way off base with their latest transitions. They need to keep smaller platforms like Saturn offers but keep sticker prices down to compete head to head with what Japan has to offer. That was why they created Saturn in the first place!

  4. You forgot Buick.

    I think in the future they could become
    more important. Provided that their efforts
    to rejuvenize the brand pay off.

    -Chevy (entry/mainstream brand)

    -Buick (Entry-level Luxury)

    -Cadillac (Top of the Line)


    -GMC (Rebadged Chevy Trucks and crossovers
    mostly for commercial customers)

    -Pontiac (Niche performance brand supplied by
    Holden of Australia)

  5. That sounds about right. GM will come out of this a much better company if they can control wages to UAW workers. What’s going to happen o Buick? Selling it to China maybe.

  6. i think the UAW needs to ease up on the chokehold it has on gm right now. then maybe the big three wouldn’t be plummeting towards bankrupcy

  7. Good idea, although I think Saturn has a great line up right now. When looking they never dealt price, that may have been their downfall.

    Saab is a mess, and apparently someone wants hummer!?

    Ford should do the same kinda thing. Although I would have sold LR, I would have keep Jag, ditched mercury, sold off half of Volvo and bought more mazda. Oh well.

  8. That was my prediction. Caddy for the luxury brand, GMC for its SUV, trucks division and Chevy for every man’s car.

    Now, GM should make sure they are not cross-breeding their vehicles. The exception would be well-known name like the Chevy Suburban (but kill the Yukon Denali).

    Where do I apply to be a CEO of the new GM??

  9. Pontiac’s a ‘niche’? what the hell for??? It has no car that anyone really want!

    The G8 could be a Chevy Holden (capture its Aussie root) and the Solstice could go to Chevy. Kill the G6 (the Malibu already exists).

    So ‘niche’ what!??

    Same with Saturn …

  10. GM needs to regain its brand identity. It was over diluted by not putting any effort into the look alikes… not because they employed platform sharing. And by introducing Saturn, Geo, ….

    I think they could make it work with the remaining: Cadillac, Chevy, Buick, GMC, Pontiac. But Saturn, Saab, and Hummer should be kicked to the curb, and they’d need to have stronger branding in the remaining ones. ie: GMC only for commercial vehicles, and Buick becoming near luxury.

    The UAW has been giving concessions and should…Some of the skilled labor makes more than the engineers. I’d also like to see the GM Management get a haircut. Where I come from, you dont get rewarded handsomely for tanking your job. Its time these folks got real.

    Then, GM needs to have vehicles people want. They still have issues with how their cars drive. Just press the gas… it doesnt even feel like the motor and transmission are connected, theres such a delay in power response (Malibu).

  11. “FORGET THE BAILOUT: Let Uncle Sam pickup the (Union) Pension costs and GM will take care of itself just fine.” I guess this explains a lot when you consider GM is only asking for 30B when they spend $80B each and every year; after year; after year: JUST ON PENSIONS!!!

  12. Other than trucks and traditional SUVs (which is a rapidly shrinking market), there is nothing GMC carries that couldn’t be handled by Buick. Buick should be expanded to be a midmarket premium home to GM’s premium FWD vehicles. Buick can carry sedans, coupes, hatchbacks, MPVs, and CUVs (I think I would rather see Buick take over the premium CUV segment if the hideous Terrain is any indication of future GMC CUV design). There’s no way GMC could carry premium FWD car products. It should go and Buick should be expanded.

  13. i think the UAW needs to ease up on the chokehold it has on gm right now. then maybe the big three wouldn’t be plummeting towards bankrupcyThen how does Ford manage to be doing okay?

  14. Chevrolet + Trucks

    There’s no need for GMC, just Chevy Trucks. Ford does not need a separate truck brand.

    In fact nobody does!

  15. Chevy and Caddy, that’s it. Anything else is a waste of time. Why bother selling something else that isn’t profitable? At least these two are solid brands that sell well. If GM keeps GMC around it will demonstrate that they don’t understand what being a profitable company is. Rebadging is a thing of the past!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. There was talk today that there might be a ‘surgical’ bankruptcy and it might happen by June.

    WTF! My money went into it and it is still going into bankruptcy. Should have let it gone there in the first place!!!

    Now my kids’ kids’ kids are going to pay for this SH#T!

  17. I think the G8 would sell better if it had a Chevy badge. It is less tarnished than a Pontiac (note, I just bought a G8 GT in February). I don’t think Buick should go away, but 3 years ago I would have had a different opinion. It just sells too well in China and they’re finally starting to come out with acceptable stuff. The Solstice or Sky should move under the Chevy brand as well.

  18. I think they should can GMC and keep Buick but not as a luxury brand but an entry-lux brand just like Opel.

    Buicks are supposed to share Opel platforms going forward anyway

  19. GMC lost it’s “Truck Brand” image the moment the FWD Acadia came out.

    Doesn’t mean GMC isn’t still pointless though.

  20. UAW wages are not the problem. It is those 700,000 retirees sucking the life out of them.Then why is Ford doing okay with the same UAW?

  21. UAW are the problem, as Mr. Sergio Marchionne pointed out, they need to meet wages of the Japanese and German factories in North America. UAW employees build inferior cars and get paid more…what? Sergio will kick some union ass. meet what sergio says or bye bye. The Italians will show you american creampies how it’s done. UAW, is a dinosaur and will be extinct soon. UAW give me a break, those losers ruined all of the worlds economy by keeping all major employers hostage for so many years. The UAW is a form of Mafia. Sergio will fix ’em up.

  22. I think that people at GM are pretty stupid,toyota is in US since stone age and they still did not get the way to do better cars , more reliable, to compete against the Japanese … then, they better die than steal money from US citizen tax
    because that will change nothing

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