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What another great name for a car….

Great wall is really known for their shameless copies of other manufacturers designs.
And this latest attempt is no exception.

It looks like a Mercedes CLS on acid.
Just like their copies of Scions or various Fiat models.

It is sad, weird, pathetic and funny at the same time…

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  1. There´s a fair bit of VW Passat CC in there, too. And the nose is reminiscent of the Peugeot 407.

    That white SUV thing in the background looks quite interesting, don´t you think?

  2. I actually disagree with the “CLS” consensus. The side profile just doesn’t have that stabbing curvature of the CLS and CC.

    I do think that this what the child of a Toyota Camry and Mazda 6 would look like though (Especially that front end! It screams Toyota and Mazda design language).

  3. I wouldn’t have thought CLS until you said it. I’d rather cut them some slack and say “influenced by” as opposed to direct copying. Bit like the GW Peri which everyone thinks copies the Fiat Panda. Similar but not quite the same.

  4. Is this a production-ready car? I ask, only because I notice there are cameras where the side rearview mirrors would be.

  5. very toyota like, meaning ugly. Toyota = ugly, Toyota = recalls, toyota = bankruptcy. i think toyoslide owns this china company. a real bungling of da butt.

  6. Future is as follows; Toyota is replaced by Great Wall….just wait, may sound funny today but within 5 years, it will be.

  7. What’s up with the head and taillights swept over the fenders?

    And this looks to be a front-drive car, so that is an automatic negation of being an actual CLS clone. A lot of cars have had those fender wells and that style of greenhouse (Malibu, Avalon, the previos TL).

    Give it normal headlights and this thing doesn’t look too bad at all, really.

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