Mazda2 in Canada

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The Mazda2 will be sold in Canada. But not tin the US, so far.

It will compete with the Toyota Yaris and other subcompacts.
The Canadian market is much friendlier to small hatchbacks than the US. And Mazda is also more popular over there.

So it makes sense…

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  1. “over there” Vince were not an oversees country…. its “up there” get it right! hahaha… but ill forgive ya, because you have the best damn website ever!

  2. Big mistake. I see Yaris’ all over Orange County, CA. They sell like hot cakes. Who says Americans don’t like small, economical hatchbacks? Bring the Mazda 2 here! Ford is bringing the Fiesta!

  3. I think this would be a great compliment with the Fiesta….Mazda needs this! They haven’t sold a vehicle like this since the Mazda 323….then they turned to a boring Protege sedan redesign, but have since learned their lesson and spiced things back up.

  4. They wont sell it here because they haven’t incorporated that stupid grin into the fascia yet.

    “Damn you Mazda! Damn you all to helllllllll!”

  5. Most Americans think an F-150 is a compact vehicle, glad Mazda realized Canadians can grap the concept. They would be wasting their time with Americans. I think it will do very well here in Canada. Honda can barely keep the Fit on the showroom floor for more than a couple days and the Yaris, Smart and Accent are second only to the Corolla and Civic.

  6. I’ve loved this design since I first saw it… I’d rush out and buy one of these, where the Fit kinda leaves me unexcited. Mazda really should import this… and load it with features. The 3 does really well here. Cant see why this wouldnt.

  7. Mazda, please bring the Mazda2 here! I saw the Mazda2 recently while in Japan and it is an adorable little car. Sporty, small, and full of personality.

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