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Based on the (Former Rover) Roewe550, the new MG appears to be a good looking car.
More on this later…

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  1. I can see it now…vast warehouses in China full of copyright attorneys researching what they can get away with replicating.

    Next door would be equally vast warehouses with thousands of workers dutifully dismantling and drawing the headlights, taillights, sheetmetal and interiors of every single foreign car on the market part-by-part. A small door in the back, barely noticeable, is labeled, "Structural Integrity & Crash Test Research". No one talks to the handful of people who work in that room.

    Across the street is a portable shed labeled, "Crash Test Facility". Next door to it is a concession stand for the automotive journalists, photographers and government executives who show up a couple of times per year.

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