More pictures of the Kia VG Concept

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Looking really nice. Almost like an Audi.

This could be great competition to high end Accords and Camrys.
If buyers can deal with buying a Kia. Most still would rather have a Honda or a Toyota.

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  1. As a die-hard Subaru fan, this design really pisses me off. It looks better than the new Legacy. And last year’s Accord redesign!

    Kia better make it a good car, too…

  2. This car is gorgeous. If the production version looks anything like this, then both Toyota and Honda should start watching their backs (since they produce some of the ugliest products on the market today). If Kia can execute it well and nail the quality/reliability, then they look to have a major hit on their hands. I wouldn’t have said this 5 years ago, but it appears Hyundai/Kia are on their way to world domination now.

  3. Im sure people will change there perception about KIA products when they see alot of Forte and Souls on the road, and this VG car will certainly help that issue, my kia has been bulletproof with no issues, no recalls and 35 mpg on trips..
    Any why is Kia’s sales rising ? with a old minivan, a 4 year old RIO, a very old spectra, a 2 year old Rondo, a nasty Amanti and a borrego that does not sell, really makes ya wonder…. Just wait for the next year or so and Kia is gonna wipe out all other manufacturers and everyone will be buying Kia’s !! and no one will be embaressed to tell there buds they drive a kewl Kia !!!!

  4. “Almost” like an Audi? This is a knockoff Audi. The only difference is the conventional grille.

  5. If this drives well and gets good mileage I’d take this over any pathetic Accord or Camry, brand name be damned.

    This looks hot! I even like it in white – which is hard to believe.

  6. Although there are some similarities to Audi, I don’t see this as a knockoff of an Audi. Only the rearlights looks alomst the same. The rest of the design is pretty its own. I have to admit that it looks even better than any Audi. And I’m from Germany 😉

  7. Anonymous said: “It looks exactly like the Audi Sportback Concept. Except that the Kia knockoff has S5 tail lamps and a Nissan grille…”

    It doesn’t look anything like the Audi Sportback! Get your vision checked. Besides, this car was done WAY before the Sportback.

  8. Looking really nice. Almost like a Dodge (but probally without the horsepower or lifetime transmission warranty).

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