The new Chinese Geely line up

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I guess some of these cars will actually be made. Some day.
Who knows.

Geely is just showing off a bunch of illustrations right now. But they do intend to export cars soon. Even to the US.
So we might actually see some of these here one day.

They range from the cartoony to the obnoxious. With maybe a couple of decent looking ones in between…

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  1. It’s getting boring how Chinese companies like Geely and Chery are constantly announcing grand plans to invade the world with extensive ranges of new products. They’ve been doing it for years and nothing ever comes of it. I tend not to believe any of it any more. In Europe, only Brilliance has managed so far to actually import a reasonable range of cars, albeit in very small numbers and only to some countries.
    BTW, the yellow “Gleagle” (someone needs to teach these people a thing or two about product naming) bodywork looks like a straight ripoff of the Fiat Bravo, with a different front end tacked on.

  2. That truck is sweet ! someone actually put some thought into the design of the front end on a truck imagine that ~!! hey Toyota ya listening ?

  3. it looks like geely found a honda illustration of the next gen ridgeline lying around 😛

    This is the most inconsistent styling theme I’ve seen in a car company ever.

  4. Does geeley actually produce their own designed cars or do they just totally rip off other car makers models.

  5. Geely have got pictures of other car makers models and photoshopped their fronts onto them. What a joke they are.
    I would hate to see the running gear. Probably old 70s and 80s defunct hand me downs.

  6. So this is what the absense of brand identity is like. Although I do prefer this to Audi Syndrome.

  7. “What car do you drive??”
    “I drive a Geely.”

    It doesn’t really have a nice ring to it does it.

  8. Chinese definitely can invade the US very soon. Their trick is that they buy small and financially unstable car companies (like Korean Ssangyong) and steal their technology and designs (blue prints of new cars) and abandon them immediately. Then they reskin and rename. They can do this because Chinese now have money to do all of this quick and dirty tricks; they have earned a lot of US money by selling toxic food and toys to the US.

  9. All obvious attempts to copy someone else — from RR to Avalanche. But that's what lead Toyota down the road to success so who knows? Americans love anything foreign — and the uglier the better. Just look at how Accord and Camry outsell Malibu and Fusion! Safety, Style and efficency be damned! Look out toyota & honda — someone cheaper, uglier, and more foreign just came along!!

  10. Korea and China are working hard to get into the business and to be taken seriously. They need to stop copying other brands designs and stop sending nuclear bombs our way.

  11. “Americans love anything foreign — and the uglier the better. Just look at how Accord and Camry outsell Malibu and Fusion! Safety, Style and efficency be damned!”

    I think you are barking up the wrong tree in your little fantasy world.

  12. I think it is funny how the Chinese try to copy everybody but american cars. Sad comment on US auto design.

  13. here’s the way things are…..listen up…China currently assembles many apple products, yes like the Macbook air. They are built perfectly. Better than anything really. China will dominate the world and will control 80% of the world’s manufacturing by 2020. end of story!You will be driving a Chinese car soon.

  14. I bet you 5 bucks that they buy Saturn as there way in to the U.S. market. They can still copy Opel’s designs. Oh they totally ripped off the Toyota A-BAT.

  15. very hot cars, I am a fan of china taking over the U.S. and rubbing it in american’s faces. you all deserve it buying that gm, ford and chry garbage for years. China rules and U.S. texans with their big everything will have to drive Chinese Pickups… beautiful is that?

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