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This already looks great.
And keep in mind this is just a prototype.

Th production model will use better matching plastics etc…

Seems like the new Sonata will be an amazing entry in the midsize sedan market.
Although I really like the Mazda6 that I drove recently. And I still really like the Malibu.

Looks like we won’t have to wait to long for the Hyundai.
And I still hear rumors about a coupe version later….

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  1. Looks great but I’m not wild about that swoopy/droopy steering wheel. Seems like Toyota or Lexus designed it, and that’s not a good thing. Their styling has gotten too bizarre for my tastes.

    The center stack resembles the Caddy CTS arrangement (originally a good Lexus thing?) which Hyundai uses in its family of cars.

    I’m amazed at how tenacious and determined this manufacturer has been in not only turning around its image, but in creating good, attractive and reliable cars for many market segments. Maybe someday I’ll get up the nerve and buy one. Old precepts and perceptions die hard.

  2. This car does look pretty good so far. It does’nt look like there’s a ton of legroom in the front passenger seat though. Hopefully the seat is forward.

  3. The Malibu is a GM, there is no comparing the two. The Sonata is superior in almost every way. I would sooner compare a Camry to a Sonata than a Malibu. Not like it really matters, GM will be a memory within the next year.

  4. Looks a whole lot better than the current frumpy version, one of the worst attributes of the current car is its interior…

  5. Good to hear the new Sonata will come with a Direct Injection and hybrid paired with a all new 6 sp transmission.

  6. 2010 Sonata is the car that grabs more market share from not only the Domestics but also will “eat” some from rivals like Nissan, Honda and yes, even Toyota.

    The quality of the current Sonata is very good,(recommended by Consumers Report, Edmunds,, plus many other car analyst)although the design is lukewarm.

    Based on the spy photos that have been released recently, 2010 Sonata’s elegant exterior and interior design are aimed squarely at trumping not only Toyota/Honda, but establishing leading competitive advantages over its rivals.

    The timing is right, the market is right, even if the economy blows right now, this is the time for an upcoming car company like Hyundai to bring their game. Game on!
    The Pill

  7. “Anonymous said…
    Looks a whole lot better than the current frumpy version, one of the worst attributes of the current car is its interior…”

    Do not agree at all.

    I compared the two when my wife was shopping for a new vehicle in this segment. We compared a Camry XLE V6 and the Sonata Limited V6. My wife loves the new Accord but didn’t need a vehicle that large.

    I found the Toyota had odd fit and finish issues and more cheap plastic bits than the Sonata had even though the Sonata cost less. Also, the Camry drove like a Buick and floated on the highway.

    We ended up purchasing an ’09 Sonata Limited V6 and have loved it for the past 25,000 trouble free miles. Once we hit around 60,000 we will consider this new BEAUTIFUL Sonata as a replacement.

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