Next Opel Zafira

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The Zafira is usually based on the Astra. Just like the Scenic is based on the Megane.

So it’s not really a surprise that GM is releasing this sketch at the same time they showed us pictures of the new Astra.
Not sure if this will ever make it into the US.
I really don’t think it could be a Buick.
It would have been a great Saturn tough…

Too bad…

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  1. I think the next gen Meriva and Zafira both have a place in Buick’s lineup as car-like sub-Enclave people movers. I would call the next gen Meriva the Buick Soiree and the next gen Zafira would become the new Buick Rendezvous. With GMC taking over the CUV segment at B-P-G, I would expect Buick to adopt these MPVs as their people mover products.

  2. It seems like GM is releasing alot of illustrations lately. I can only hope we will see more than pictures in the future. I won’t hold my breath….

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