Prius Wagon?

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it could be.

There was a rumor last year about more versions of the new Prius. So why not a wagon.
If it seems weird to have a wagon version of a car that is already a hatchback, don’t forget that, in Europe, the Golf is also offered as a wagon. As well as the Megane, 308, Astra etc….
So at least for these markets, it might make sense.

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  1. After seeng this I’ll not need to put my finger down my throat to expedite vomit induction after I finish my breakfast.

  2. Not bad … similar styling to many of those European mini MPVs/wagons.

    I would mind seeing it here in the States.

  3. I’m certain this would be a hit, at least in Europe, and it should be in the US too if people finally decide to start abandoning SUVs. Toyota needs to make this. I don’t know if this is a chop or what, but it also looks really good, at least to my European eyes.

  4. PARBOILED SAID: "i hope toyota goes bankrupt". Won't happen. UNlike the US, the Japanese government is BUSINESS_FRIENDLY. The Ministry of Industry & Technology shovels cash into (Japanese) companies all the time and the news media is none the wiser. Do you really think Honda & Toyota ever would have made it as US-based businesses??? Not in the land of Lawsuits (formerlly the land of oppertunity).

  5. Toyota will not go bankrupt. They dont have poor management, leeches, bloodsuckers, etc, like their american counterparts do.

  6. Since Toyota has dumped the price on the 2010 Prius to compete with Honda’s Insight II, bringing this to the states would be a smart move. If they can add this without hurting production volume numbers for the sedan version, they can capture a larger share of the market. Would this steal some sales from Toyota’s hybrid HighLander?

  7. “Excellent – for the effeminate.”

    Grow a penis and you might not be afraid of this car or any possible version of it.

  8. This Prius would actually be worth it. Can it get a better pair of stock wheels, however?

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