R.I.P Pontiac…

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G8 and Solstice are officially dead.

I just hope the Sky leaves on as a Chevy.

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  1. next up … RIP to Saturn, Hummer and partner with the Chinese for Buick.

    Three divisions left is still very viable.

  2. I never thought I’d see this in my lifetime. No more Olds, Plymouth, Pontiac, and more to come…strange world we live in.

  3. “Vince Burlapp said…
    Who would have thought Mercury would outlive them all… Strange world indeed.”

    While Mercurys are just a rebadge, at least they are based off of an appealing vehicle.

    The G3 was a joke, the G6 is awful, the Torrent is trash, the GTO was a flop, the Bonneville was JUNK, the Grand Am is still being made fun of to this day, and the Grand Prix was a terrible vehicle as well.

  4. Now the word is that the federal government and the UAW own 89% of the new GM, bondholders own 10%, and stockholders own 1%.

    I will therefore NEVER own a GM product again (unless that changes and the fed/uaw are out of it).

  5. And Camry lives on. Get used to milk toast for lunch & dinner; 7 days a week from now on. Not much demand for cars that let you "live" a little in an economy this dead.

  6. In all my life I just saw a few Pontiacs live (no wonder I’m from Portugal), definetely not the most memorable models. Most I know is from books, magazines or the internet. And I always saw Pontiac as one of the most interesting GM brands. It’s a pity Pontiac to be extinct.

  7. The BIGGEST JOKE here is that we have lost the Korean War, that was fought for nothing, with countless lives lost!!! Hyundai and Kia have taken over and 21,000 more Americans are now without jobs! Who will buy their products here in the states in the near future when all of us will be out of a job? This will be our only revenge!

  8. You all forgot the fact that a Very Sad Excuse for an automobile manufacturing company like Mitsubishi is still here making the lowest quality products known to mankind!

  9. Ah yes… Mitsubishi. Rampant inter-office sex and 0% loans to unqualified kids! Gotta love those Japanese!

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