Roewe 250

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Another car from the former Rover.
And this one does look very European.

As a matter of fact, with the 550, upcoming 350 and this new 250, the whole Roewe range wouldn’t look out of place in Europe.
Or even in the US.

How about all these Saturn dealers with nothing to sell soon…

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  1. This is a Fiat Punto, not just a European car. This could be a car important in Chrysler’s survival!

  2. OMG, they copied a italian car (Fiat Punto) for a UK brand (Rover, Roewe, etc)…Well, this is their must!

  3. It’s a Fiat Grande Punto! I mean, not something similar, but an actual Grande Punto. Even the dashboard and the seats are the same. So, or this is a new partnership between Fiat and Roewe (never heard before), or copyng italian cars is getting very common in China. Anyhow, I really don’t thing they are going to sell it in Europe or in the US.

  4. Its just a copy of the European Fiat Grande Punto its not original at all the side profile is a complete copy.

  5. That’s not a copy, it IS a Fiat Punto. It even still has the Giugiaro badge on the lower rear side door. It’s presumably part of some legit badge-engineering deal between Fiat and Roewe.

  6. forget gran punto, this bitch is the next caliber if sergio can kick some union ass hard. those union bastards should all be shot…self serving pigs, it took an Italian to threaten them into possibly co operating

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