Roewe 550 Crash Test

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Doesn’t look bad on this video.
Could it be that they are actually pretty safe, on top of being good looking???

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  1. Isn’t the “Chinese Crash Test” just sort of a “Socialist-Corrupt” version of the ol’ Polish Crash Test???????????????????

  2. Of course it’s safe, it was largely designed in the UK by British engineers on the Rover 75 platform.

    For those not in the know, the Rover 75 had extremely high torsional rigidity, and would have been the first car to score 5 stars in the EuroNCAP crash tests had Rover fitted side and curtain airbags as standard equipment across the entire line up.

    Any car SAIC decides to base on the platform will be extremely safe by default, including the new MG6.

  3. It’s a “Chinese crash test.” Meaning that the thing is being supported by 2×4 lumber in the doors while the Chinese news media films the outstanding results. In normal everyday use, this car would fold like origami.

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