Roewe N1 Concept

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This is pretty much a production car. It will be the new “smaller than 550” Roewe 350 when it comes out in a few months.
Another nice design from Roewe.
I could really see this in Europe and the US.

If the quality and safety standards are good, these would definitely make decent cars for Saturn….

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  1. The greenhouse kind of reminds me the Honda Civic but over all this isn't a bad looking car & it's the first Chinese model I would actually consider based on it's looks.

  2. Best Chinese design I’ve seen in a while…kind of resembles the old Hyundai Genesis concept with a bit of BMW 3-series with a Suzuki Forenza accent.

    Crash tests, you say? Yes, it’s unfortunately true…sheetmetal crumples, but insurance is forever.

  3. Surprisingly, a very handsome automobile. I hope the front and rear lamps don’t get changed for production.

  4. I’m starting to love Roewe. They really make beautiful cars – and from what I read elsewhere, the interior looks mighty fine too.

  5. Looks like what a hot updated Chrysler Sebring could’ve been. the last Roewe I seen looked like a better tweaked design version of the sebring.

  6. Wow, that looks like quite a nice, and original design. If they get their safety crashes in order, I’d buy one.

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