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The ForMore was going to be to be an SUV based on the 4 door ForFour.
Until they canceled the whole project back in 2005. The car on which it was to be based wasn’t selling (The Forfour) and was itself canceled.
The ForMore was actually going to be the first Smart sold in the US. Instead we got the redesigned version of the Fortwo a few years later.
This picture was taken in a large storage place where Mercedes keeps a bunch of cars. Many of them prototype and “things that never were”…

Interesting note: the grey car seems to be a concept that we would have seen early, while the black one next to it is the production version of the same model.

I just wonder if GM has a place like that. A place where we could see all the stuff Pontiac and Saturn were going to come up with….

Remember this? It was the original official illustration of the ForMore back in 2005.

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  1. I’d love to see what else is in that warehouse!!!

    I can only imagine how awesome some of the vehicles in there are…

  2. why is it the car company always to make a “mini-car” bigger???

    Say the Smart, it is a “smart car” for two only, and should stay that way… thats the selling point isn’t it?

    Say the “Mini”, why the hell make a bloated “mini car” bigger?? make it a “Club size”??? Its just doesnt make any sense…

    I hope we dont see Miata making any 4 seaters in the future..

  3. wonderful looking fun car. It would work, it’s not dead. sewe it here in less than 1 year.

  4. Wow, thanks for that pic Vince! I had no idea that they had actually got around to building the thing. I love to see pics of things that never were.

  5. I was never a fan of the idea of a Smart ForMore, but now that I see it, I think it would look great still today. It would be a better looking competitor for the MINI SUV, which I don’t like at all. I think it fits the smart idea better, than the MINI idea.

    As to the question, why they always go on making bigger cars: In the case of MINI I don’t think it’s a good idea. But in case of the smart it’s understandable. They had the problem that if someone needs more than a two-seater, but has a ForTwo, he can only buy a car from another company. But Mercedes is much more expensive and conservative, so they will lose this customer. That was the reason for bigger smarts.

  6. Just can’t get that excited about something so small. Never much into go-karts or dune buggies either. No Style. No Class. I’ll take a CTS or Navigator any day over one of these micro- thingys.

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