Subaru Legacy Wagon

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Funny how Subaru has chosen to release this “teaser” image of the new wagon.
Because after all the official pictures of the Sedan and the Outback version, we had really no idea what the regular Wagon would look like….

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  1. wow looks very Chinese, and that’s not a compliment. Looks like parent company Toyota has taken over subaru styling…yuk! oh well, junk = junk!

  2. What Subaru styling? Did they ever have any? Subarus have always been mechanically sound vehicles, but their designs were always so bland, generic and boring. The only ones that looked like they had half assed attempts at design were the WRX and STI versions.

  3. Maybe they wanted to protect us a little while longer from the anti-shock of making the wagon look like a toned down version of the outback for the N-th time!

  4. Isn’t it funny how the better 5 speed automatic transmission will only be offered with the 6 cylinder engine and the cheap chain driven CVT will be coupled with the 4 banger? That is the reason why I won’t upgrade to the new model this time around.

  5. It’s not coming to the US AFAIK that’s a teaser for the JDM legacy wagon that’s build in Japan, not Indiana

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