A super Prius coming up???

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Toyota is preparing a “non-Lexus” version of the upcoming HS250h.
The small Hybrid Lexus based on the new 2010 Prius.

The Toyota version will not have a hatch, just like the Lexus. But a new front end and revised interior.
I am not sure what is the point of this. The HS is a Lexus version of a Toyota model, so a Toyota version of it sounds really weird.

Unless it is sold as a Prius sedan, or something….

So far it is only for the Japanese market. But with our “Hybrid hungry” giant US market, it won’t be long before we see it over here…

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  1. No we won’t see it over here. It’s probably the same car.

    In Japan the RX350 is sold as a Toyota.

    It’s just whichever dealership they want to sell it in.
    And in Japan it’s ok for these same vehicles to have cloth seats, and less equipment.

    For example, the Infiniti G35, M35, can be had in Japan with smaller engines and cloth seats.

    I bet the “Toyota HS” won’t come to the USA.

  2. There is no Toyota version of the RX 350 anymore, in Japan…only the GX 470 has a Toyota equivalent left. But whether there will be a ‘Toyota HS’ who knows.

  3. YOU SAID: “How many small hybrid do we need!!? Give us the Sequoia, Sienna and Land Cruiser hybrid!!!” CONSIDER IT DONE!: Tahoe, Aspen, Escalade, Escape, Suburban, Durango ALL COME IN HYBRID FORM RIGHT NOW!!! (mabey THAT’s why Toyota truck sales are down 60% while GM truck sales are only off by 39%– and on an unrelated note; Jeep Wrangler sales are actually UP 16% for first quarter 2009 over 2008) By the way, is “Super Prius” an Oximoron or what???

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