2010 Mercedes E Class wagon

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Another one.
Another Mercedes that looks like it was designed in 1990…

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  1. Best E-Class wagon ever (not that the predicessors were anything more than funky & overpriced) But for the first time Mercedes actually has an E-Class design that is on an even level with others in the price range. Great improvement, Merc!

  2. Vince hates all things Mercedes. Loves all things Nissan.

    Nissan fanboy.

    I love the wagon, practical and beautiful. It will be just like all the rest of the Mercedes lineup. Timeless.

  3. "Anonymous said…
    Mercedes is getting awful."

    As is your grammar and word choice.

    "Anonymous said…
    No wonder they cant sell cars here. $60K for this freak mobile."

    I don't know where you live, but Mercedes is pretty successful world-wide. If you live in the US and you mean what you said, then you are an absolute idiot.

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