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I sure wish we could get this in the US.
It still might be a Saturn, if Magna gets it. And if they also get Opel.
Otherwise, under the Magna deal, GM would still own a huge chunk of the German car maker. So they could still bring it over here as a small Buick.

With a new Mazda3 already out, and the Euro Focus coming here in less than 2 years, I wonder what GM will have to offer as a Chevrolet.
The Cruze will look outdated by the time we get it over here.
Same problem they had with the Cobalt…

Besides the new Astra, I don’t see any cool compact hatch in their future…

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  1. P.O.S. what a joke, the whole company I mean. The old GM trick. Rebadge ’em, they won’t know, the consumer is dumb.

  2. Why dont market them under Opel name? Advertise that as German (engineered) brand. Sale it for little less than VW and you might have a winer. Forget about dead Saturn, leave Buick for China!

    Vince, what do you think about that or should I be more patriotic?

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