Chery X5

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Yet another ugly Chinese SUV coming up soon.
This one is a heavy beast powered by a small 2.0 Liter diesel good for only 125hp.


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  1. Hey Vince, Those Chinese must be awfully short or have small heads! Just take a look at the angle of the A pillar and the small ammount of room for one’s noggin to fit through.

  2. Vince I love you, not in a gay way. I have been addicted to this site for over 7 years. I know how much you love cars, just like me, but come on I really think you are the only one that cares about the Chinese cars that we will never see. Maybe you should have a vote on what your readers a interested about. Chinese cars or the colapse of american cars, new cars we see and drive, car show babes ect…. Thanks for you time, J

  3. Dang, they are now so brazened that are now using existing car name too.

    “I am driving an X5!,”

    “really!?, got yourself a Bimmer?”

    “Better! A Chery!”

    “really, Chery makes SUVs? I got the Chery SL55 AMG in the garage!”

  4. Vince is way ahead of his time for posting these pictures of Chinese platforms because sooner than later we will be seeing these invading body snatchers here in our backyard! It is unfortunate but we will have to deal with this garbage within a few years!

  5. LOL@ Anon 6:04 and 10:48

    This looks like a bunch of parts stolen from an Envoy, a Land Cruiser, and a Laforza just welded together.

  6. TO “J”. Vince probably follows the Chinese industry ONLY because the American companies can’t afford to come out with new stuff very often and it just gets boring!

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