Chinese Bentley copy coming up.

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Courtesy of the brand “Huatai”.
Nothing else is known about the car.

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  1. This actually looks pretty nice. I wonder if they start using quality materials on the interior, if people don’t buy this thing….

  2. this is so sad and ridicolous how can they keep copying luxury brands and expect to get away with it
    its because they cant come up with any original themselves

  3. They probably didn’t intend this, but this thing has a bit of A6 flair from the front view, despite the obvious grille.

  4. Now if they would just make any Ferrari ever made on a sport chassis they would have somethibg.

  5. they have a massive domestic market which allows them to do any sort of f’ed-up design and still make a good profit.

    which is funny, it’s just like the big three and the north american market, nobody else in this entire world will ever want or need a gas guzzling oversized truck/SUVs. yet only in north america america can the big three survives solely on sales of these oversized obesity mobiles.

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