Fiat Grande Punto in the US???

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Apparently, this is what the chapter11 filing for Chrysler reveals.
part of the deal with Fiat would be to sell or produce the Grande Punto in the US.
It is mostly known as a small hatchback, but Fiat also produces a sedan version for some markets. I think the sedan version has more chances of making it over here than the hatchback.
But who knows really…

This would have to compete with cars like the Focus or the Corolla in the US. maybe the low end Jettas as well.

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  1. Just looking at it is giving me flashbacks to the previous
    “Fix It Again Tony” models they previously sold here.

    Too bad they couldn’t find a more attractive model to showcase their debut.

  2. Fiat is Chryslers only saving grace.

    Fiat still produces unreliable products though, just like Chrysler.

  3. Let’s call it the “Alliance II” A car that represents all the increases in comfort, high-style, and safety that Americans have discovered while traveling thru Europe in recent years.

  4. I was thinking Sebring replacement…but is this closer to a Neon in size? Would it be badged as a Fiat or Chrysler/Dodge?

  5. the old orange LCD displays HAVE to go. The interior looks better than anything the hard-chiseled Chrysler has out now.

  6. Face it. Chrysler has to go with Fiat. Somewhere here said they should get their sedans down. I agree with that and their choices are: this Grande Punto and the Alfa Romeo 159’s. But what Chrysler’s been missing all along (some of their designs had style), was decent handling, realiability and real interiors. Well, they can get by if they have decent handling and good interiors. So Chrysler, for the love of Mike, look at what Honda does with their interiors. Get it?!! They could actually makes a couple Fiat products into something worth buying, and update their sad,sad Minivans, and live to fight another day. But that takes a serious house-cleaning at that place to get it across.

  7. Know why American car companies are failing? Because they have to spend extra money engineering uglified bodies for the American consumer who wants more ‘attitude’. Anywhere else in the world this is considered a clean, handsome design.

  8. Been driving a Fiat Bravo 1.4 T-Jet for the past year, and still loving every minute. Great drive, great design, and practical, too. Very under-rated. And very reliable, as well. The engine is a marvel. Every time I give the accelerator a quick nudge, I’m amazed at the power. You’d never guess it’s only a 1400cc. Marchione (Fiat’s CEO) turned Fiat around and the Bravo is one of the results with him at the helm. He knows what he’s doing and they are now producing good quality vehicles at competitive prices.

  9. It originates with Tofas, Fiat’s Turkish arm. The march of globalization continues.

    Funny though, America now getting third world cast-offs? Then again you still have the 1998 Focus (though badly restyled).

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