Fiat Panda as a Jeep?

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This is apparently under serious consideration.
The AWD version of the Panda could be sold as a small Jeep in the US.

Is this a genius idea or the worst idea????

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  1. this would actually make a great vehicle to sell to younger people, especially those who need a little extra capability for the dirt, but dont want the taxing driveline of a true Jeep 4×4.. Genius idea

  2. This beautiful Fiat Panda has nothing on the Nissan Versa! Why not just rebadge a Versa as a Jeep? What next? A Jeep Cube?

  3. Who would want these clown cars? (besides congressman Bwany Fwank) Fiat is the worst on the planet.

  4. Chrysler: “Hey, we have a great idea! Let’s stop production of the legendary Wrangler and replace it with this tiny rebadged Fiat that is essentially a lifted city car. The general public won’t even notice that we have diluted the brand past recognition.”

    The brand was diluted when they introduced the slow selling and pointless Compass and its platform mate the Patriot. Even the most recent interior refreshes to correct the god awful interiors has failed.

    Seriously, Chrysler just needs to go away. All of their products are absolute crap and they are the laughing stock of the American automotive industry for good reason. Their reliability record is at the bottom of the list, their resale value is abysmal due to poor products and heavy fleet sales. The initial purchase price is so low because of heavy incentives to even move their crap product.

    Please, just go away. Turn your headquarters into a mall (which it was designed to do when it was built because of a shaky financial history) and open that test track to the public.

    Rant over.

  5. Rides like the old Wranglers, but is considerably less safe. A great product for the adventuresom, risk-taking Jeep enthusiast who thinks the current Jeep lineup is too reliable to be exciting!

  6. I think this is a good idea. It doesn’t mean you won’t get the Wrangler or Cherokee anymore, but you can also get something for this time, something to satisfy not to close Jeep. Almost no one needs a real Jeep, so why not. Good marketing is everything. Btw, the Panda has proved to be very reliable.

  7. I had a chance to dive that car in Poland where this car is made. It’s drives just ok. It is very small and underpowered with 1.3l engine. It’s size of a yaris priced at 16K a decant model. Fiat has a bed reputation in Europe, because the quality isn’t there.

    Here are some other prices
    Fiat Linea 1.6l 105hp $20K
    Fiat 500 1.4 100KM $16.5K
    Fiat Bravo 2.0 165hp $2.3K

  8. Here are some other prices
    Fiat Linea 1.6l 105hp $20K
    Fiat 500 1.4 100KM $16.5K
    Fiat Bravo 2.0 165hp $2.3K

    You can’t compare their prices with ours. Exchange rate, taxes, fees, and general European pricing makes it impossible.

    A Honda CR-V in Sweden costs about $50,000USD.

  9. Absolutely ridiculous. Just kill Jeep if you’re going to do that. At least it would go out with dignity. It was bad enough when they did the Compass and Patriot (which, btw, were huge failures) and in doing so gave the world the first Jeeps that couldn’t hack the trail. This foolish little thing couldn’t climb over the curb, let alone the Rubicon. They can’t possibly be that stupid. Oh… wait… yes they can.

  10. Sweet! I just hope they keep the “Panda” name.. because nothing says “rugged” like… panda bears… just when you thought Chrysler was the world’s most self-destructive carmaker, along comes Fiat, not to be outdone.

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