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  1. Seeing Pontiac scrapped (and watching that Fiero commercial) makes me lament the 80’s… when car makers really made some interesting cars. Like the Fiero, the original RX7 and the Fiat X1/9. Even the Prelude and Celica were fun then. Geez, what happened? Now, everything is a 4door or a SUV and they all look like Audi’s. zzzzz… Any chance Fiat will hit that creative button if they come to America via Chrysler? God, I hope. Bring on the Alfa’s.

  2. i’m happy, all this garbage got them where they are today….good riddance. it’s not sad in any way, they built crap and sold it to you. bye bye.

  3. Yup, I remembered my first Pontiac right out of college .. an ’89 Sunbird. I thought the dash lighting were cool (similar to the Bimmer which I couldn’t afford.). The car kept revisiting the dealer for minor glitches. Kept it for 2.5 years until I could finally afford a new-to-me ’88 Mercedes 300E.

  4. Dont u think its a bit odd that GM will sell saturn and hummer and refuses to sell pontiac ? a very large pontiac dealer begged Gm to sell it and GM refused, I for one wouldnt be surprised to see Pontiac back in about 10 years from now when GM is back on there feet

  5. Well said Paul! Or how about an ad for the T1000 (aka Chevette).
    Sometime over the past 20 years the paradigm changed. Slowly the consumer was given a choice of vehicles that were smarter and better-built. Meanwhile the “excitement” that Pontiac and other domestics offered were styling gimmicks and engineering attempts that turned out to be horrible flubs. GM had their chance to change with the times but refused to pay serious attention. A Grand Am was not an Accord, A Sunbird was not a Corolla and a Firebird was not an RX7. And so now it’s time to say goodbye. Shed a tear but only for the “glory days” of the past when long sweeps of extraneious sheetmetal draped over primitive drivetrains was all we knew. RIP Pontiac -but we didn’t leave you. You left us.

  6. I really liked the Fiero at the time. It was a car plagued with problems, but they ended production without an improved successor. So history chalked the Fiero up as another failure simply because GM gave up on it and allowed it to stay lousy for years until they just ended production. The Fiero was a failure unique to Pontiac. But what we don’t see in any of these clips is the absolute rebadged garbage that bastadardized the “we build excitement” GM brand.

  7. and GM keeps…..BUICK??????? Future Saturn models will become BUICKS???? Wow, just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse. Bankruptcy here we come, full speed ahead !!(unless you’re in a Fiero…then it is as fast as the tow truck can go).

  8. nothing to honour here. everyone of these cars cost their many owners heartache beyond compare. pure and utter garbage.

  9. Bob Lutz is mad at Letterman for poking fun at the Volt. He should let sleeping dogs lie. This man , first of all is the epitome of the “Fat Cat” detroit boss that sunk the car industry. Secondly, the volt, not even out yet, may never come out. GM and it’s weak leaders are historically famous for making big news out of cars they don’t even produce yet. Another old school concept that the public are dumb and will fall for anything. These execs, led by Bob Lutz have to face the music now that the bubble they lived in has burst!

  10. Good old Pontiacs? I’ve owned Pontiacs and there was never anything good about them. As a matter of fact every GM car I’ve ever owned has always had problems. Get one thing fixed something else breaks. Good riddance GM, you shitty ass company.

  11. The Fiero is one of those Pontiacs you want them to build and get right. Comes from when I thought they were the coolest car brand out there.

    Gotta love how your readers hate American cars so passionately.

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