Jay Leno and the new Camaro…

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  1. Jay’s Garage is a bit of an advertisement for US car makers, but he’s fun to go for a drive with.

  2. “Jay’s Garage is a bit of an advertisement for US car makers…”

    Yes, he likes classic American muscle cars. But what real car enthusiast doesn’t? He owns the choicest examples. Generally he’s very critical of the U.S. carmakers in areas where they deserve it. He doesn’t hold back his opinions about most 80s through 90s American trash. I think it’s interesting how he compares the Camaro to to Audi and BMW. If that’s true, then holy crap… hell has frozen over and Chevy is going to sell a lot of these things.

  3. GM has had better cars than Audi or BMW for years — they're just burried in a barrage of 1000's of mediocre & lackluster other (GM) nameplates so no one has the guts to sort through all the Citations and Vibes to pick out the CTS's and Corvettes.

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