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A really good looking hatchback.

Who knows what will happen to this now. Fiat is trying to buy Opel from GM.
This was supposed to be our next Saturn Astra. Then there were rumors that Buick was actually going to sell its version of it in the US (They will in China).
Instead, now GM says they will have a small Biuck “based on the same platform”.

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  1. I HATE GM

    I know it is one but I have a hard time believing gm had anything to do with this vehicle. I would gladly go out of me way to buy one.

    And of course GM doing a very GM move and they might not offer it in the US now.

    If GM were a person I would get them drunk, give them a gun and tell them to do what everybody wants to see.

  2. Wow! Absolutely gorgeous! This is what the new Mazda3 should have looked like instead of that awful huge gaping mouth design.

  3. Very pretty, but sexless-like Gwyneth Paltrow. The Ford Fiesta is a mess of shapes, but for whatever reason its more exciting. Unfortunately I doubt this would have done any better as a Saturn than the last one. Shame.

  4. The overall design and lines of this car (and the latest Megane) look very much like the Fiat Bravo. The Bravo is about the best looking car in this class at the moment, so it’s not surprising. I think this Astra looks great… much better than the current one.

  5. This is an excellent car from a design perspective, who knows what the engine or suspension is like, but this would be the right car for the US.
    GM actually do anything right? ha! and for them to actually bring anything GOOD to the US, isn’t ever going to happen. They don’t care about the US, it’s obvious, so why don’t they just die already? Seriously. They obviously won’t sell the US anything, everything has to be for China or Europe.

  6. The above poster is right. American car companies don’t seem to care about the U.S. anymore.

    This car is very nice and I think better looking than the Mazda3. I’d buy it.

  7. this is the right mix of VW & Mazda. this and the fiesta are the best looking small cars in my opinion. i really dont like small fiats for some reason….

  8. Should be sold in the U.S. instead of crap like the Cobalt which is a Drabmobile.That is a VERY good idea.

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