Chrysler “not so” secret…

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This picture was taken inside Chrysler’s design department.
It does look like a 2 door car.
Could it be the next Sebring. Or something already Fiat based?

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  1. looks like a four door to me.

    do u think after the designers and engineers were done with the sebring and caliber that they were happy or satisfied with what they had done?

  2. I am a designer.

    I am nauseous.

    That is all.

    Do you see the hip line of the Dodge Challenger sitting next to this podium? Do you think this is an attempt to channel “Challenger DNA”?


  3. clearly this is not bound to be a production model if it is being shown in advertisements… but who knows, maybe its something fresh and exciting to look forward to (despite the toyota solara-ish side swipes)

  4. Even uglier than the current Sebring. I mean, really ugly. So damn ugly.

    Sad. This is what the future of Chrysler has come to … some fugly clay model that will never see the light of day.

  5. Anything would be better than the current Sebring. That really is a “bankruptcy was always the intention” car.

  6. I’m suprised they still have enough money to play with clay. No body wants your products, start making bubble gum.

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