New Accord hatchback???

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This car was caught by someone from the vwvortex forum (Click on the title for the link and more pics).

It doesn’t look at all like the test mule they were driving around. The car was hidden as a wagon with much larger wheels etc…This looks like a straight hatch version of the Accord sedan.
Even the front end seems to be the facelift one we expect next year.
I do like hatchbacks, and big glass roofs. So I shouldn’t say anything bad about this.
Still, it does look a bit big and heavy in the rear. Although not as horrific as the new BMW GT.

But the Euro Mazda6 Hatch is still much, much nicer looking…

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  1. I think this might look like a nice vehicle. We’ll see though. I think Mazda totally missed the boat on this one though. Their new 5 door looks great and I think it would have done well here in the USA. But their marketing dept said otherwise and they’re probably right. Americans DON’T like hatchbacks, but with BMW and now Acura coming out with suv style hatches, maybe Honda thinks they can capitalize on this possible new trend. I guess if they make these hatches look like small suv’s (ugly) as opposed to sports sedans (nice looking), they might sell better in the USA.

  2. VINCE! What kind of an American are you? Didn’t you get the anti-Hatchback memo!

    Grrrr. That Mazda Euro Hatch is awesome. The Accord’s bootae is way too big.

  3. Vince, this is supposed to compete with the Venza. It is not just a simple Accord hatchback.

    “Anonymous said…
    The Honda Accord is still the ugliest 4 door sedan inside out available in the US market today.”

    Sales would certainly disagree with that statement. I am rather fond of its looks, much nicer than any of the competition.

    “Paddy Bently said…
    mazda 6 Baby!”

    Mazda what? How many have they sold since they were released? The only ones that I have seen were rentals, honestly.

  4. im trying to figure out how this could be the acura zdx, when nothing on this vehicle screams the new acura design language of sharp lines and angles. this is definitely an accord 4 door hatch, maybe meant to be more of a coupe in profile like the trend is.. but it looks damn near production ready so it looks like this is the ‘crosstour’ they were talking about..

    maybe it has 4wd haha

  5. note the similarity…
    Honda Accord Coupe. Big booty
    Honda Accord Sedan. Big booty.
    Honda Accord hatch? take a guess. Yep… Big booty.

  6. It’s all about function with this car. If it isn’t then Honda needs to be imprisoned for committing a crime against car design.

  7. I love that Mazda 6 5-door. I see more 6’s around here than Accords. I’m pretty sure this is the new CrossTour, not the ZDX. I don’t really mind the Accord styling except that the wheelbase is too short for the body, resulting in huge front and rear overhangs. This hatchback is guilty of the same.

  8. Every time I see cars like the Accord wagon and Mazda 6 hatch, I’m always saddened how the rest of the world gets the good stuff and we get the leftovers. Or some stupid SUV that has about the same amount of interior space but costs twice as much to fill up. Grrr….

  9. Wow-look kids, Honda doing something original for once. Well actually not, they’re copying BMW but hey they’re still ahead of most other car makers. I think this could sell, Hybrids have gotten people used to the profile, and I like the glass at the rear like a Prius. Who knows, maybe this is a special bodystyle for an Accord Hybrid? Plus, it’s a Honda and is probably more practical than a sedan. Guess we’ll have to wait and see.

  10. Wow, this doesn’t look bad at all and has sparked my interest! It’s a better idea than grafting the US accord front end onto the Accord/TSX wagon body. So I guess this will be an 2011 model. Reminds me of the Dodge Intrepid but with a more useful hatch.

  11. Mazda has definitely got the best looking cars in this mid-size-to-compact sedan arena. It looks about $10k more than Accord/Acura or Camry/Lexus 250 but actually costs LESS — believe it or not.

  12. They both look heavy in the rump. Unlike what some Americans would like to believe, not all Europeans love hatchbacks. They are much more utilitarian than a proper trunk. And they often come standard with a goofy and unnecessary wiper in the rear, which simply emphasizes the terrible proportions.

  13. Well I can tell you one thing, it is a Honda.

    That means it will be bulletproof reliable, a great driving vehicle, stellar resale value, and a nice interior.

  14. Well Vince, let me be the first to congratulate you for once again posting a picture that was dead on! A few months back you posted a picture of this under the heading(New Honda non car/non SUV thingy…). Unfortunately, Honda must really be in dire straits when it comes to all the hype and wait for this Crosstour platform when in the end all it really is is a Accord Hatchback! A JDM Stream, Odyssey or Crossroads would have really been worth all the hype and wait though! Honda always gives the dumb Americans the cheapest product they possibly can and they know they can get away with it!

  15. You can add me to the list of people who like it as well.

    An Accord hatchback with 4WD. You can’t go wrong there.

  16. Doesn’t look that bad? Are you people serious? This is HIDEOUS, absolutely HIDEOUS. This is a complete abomination. The BMW X6 and Toyota Venza are beauties compared to this. Heck, the 2010 4Runner looks a lot better than this. I hope this does horribly for Honda so maybe it can knock some sense into Honda executives.

  17. “Johnson said…
    Doesn’t look that bad? Are you people serious? This is HIDEOUS, absolutely HIDEOUS. This is a complete abomination. The BMW X6 and Toyota Venza are beauties compared to this. Heck, the 2010 4Runner looks a lot better than this. I hope this does horribly for Honda so maybe it can knock some sense into Honda executives.”

    No one has SEEN the 2010 4Runner yet, but I am glad that you have x-ray vision to see through all of the camo.

    There haven’t been many Hondas that were flops, and I seriously doubt that this Accord hatchback will be one.

  18. Introducing the4 Honda Cutlass Salon.

    Anyone else see Mustang II in the rear quarter?

    All said, I think this car is cool. There should be more intermediate fastbacks. I miss the old Rover Vitesse.

  19. Looks like Saturn finally decided to add a Ion Hatchback to their lineup. Does it still have the polymer side body panels too?

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