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Or “avoiding the Bankruptcy word”…

The feature 3 new cars:
– The 2011 Grand Cherokee. A car that might have some problem being produced due to suppliers who are afraid of not actually getting paid. (Chrysler needs to tooling now in order to make the 2011 model year deadline)
-Chrysler 200C Concept. A concept. Just a concept… Nothing real.
-Dodge Circuit. An expensive Lotus based electric sports car that might be produced in limited numbers.

They can’t even show us anything that could remotely turn the company around.
Sorry to say, but the money is (and has been for years) about mid sized sedans. Chrysler has nothing to show us except a Concept that might or not, be based on an upcoming Fiat/Alfa platform. That would take at least 2 years to come to life.

Meanwhile, almost everyone else has a decent mid sized sedan on the market. Right now…

Good luck…

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  1. I disagree that the company has only been about mid-sized sedans. It’s also been about gas-guzzling SUV’s – I think that’s a critical part of the problem.

  2. only idiots bought Chrysler junk before, now only brain dead people will buy it. Watch out for those driving new Chrysler products for they may forget they are driving a car and think its Grand Theft Auto and start ramming you and infect your Honda or Toyota with UAWjunkcarshiticis.

  3. After the experience with my Grand Cherokee Overland, no thanks.

    I hope that they go under and Fiat can use their distribution channels.

  4. boy these fu#@er$ are still playing us all for fools. This prevailing attitude seems to be the only thing that is surviving bankrupcy . …..and is the main reason for their problems in the first place . Lose all upper management NOW before they ruin it beyond repair.

  5. lol “Backed by the US goverment”

    In other words: “Thanks for the money,chumps! We’re going bankrupt,but we’re gonna keep your money anyway!”

  6. so their plan is to MAYBE release some expensive niche vehicles that some people will consider buying a few years from now, and it comes with a nice bonus of not being sure whether or not you will get parts for it in case of a repair, sounds like typical chrysler genius to me.

  7. The 200C looks slick. Yeah, it’s just a concept electric vehicle, but why can’t they produce it on a Fiat platform with the concept’s styling and give it an efficient I4 and a sporty V6, maybe source a diesel from Fiat as well, and kill off the hideous Sebring.

  8. YOU SAID: May fortune favor the foolish! I SAY: The Unions are STILL running Detroit and the Democrats are running all 3 branches… I guess it DOES favor the FOOLISH!!! Ignorance IS BLISS!!!

  9. 200C with a nice normal petrol engine. No plug-in, hybrid or other fantasyland bull. Just stick a sensible petrol engine in it and get it out there. Add in the hi-tech snake-oil later when the money is there. Its the classiest looking thing to come out of Chrysler since….(help me here)…..
    and it would be wasted with pointless impractical powerplants.

  10. Fuck Chrysler, really.

    “Thanks for giving us your money, your great grandchildren are going to be paying for our poor management decisions when they are 80 years old. We want you to trust us even though there is still a 80% we will fail completely”

  11. The New New New New New Chrysler.
    This time we are serious! We have unlimited access to the taxpayer teat!
    Gettelfinger and the UAW will help us.
    See that bridge? Its for sale!

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