Next Audi A3?

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Who knows.
It could be. Like all other Audis, it won’t look that new or different from the previous one…

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  1. I swear you are smoking crack. Audis are gorgeous. And you notice they actually posted a profit this past quarter, unlike BMW or Mercedes.

  2. Vince don’t listen to him, He wouldn’t know a nice looking vehicle if it hit him in the face like a pie! He probably likes the facia of the Honda CR-V, with it’s goofy smile too and lowerer lip overhang, just cause it sells!

  3. Audi has hit on some timeless designs. In other words designs that don’t go out of style. So they just keep updating them to keep things fresh but never mess up the formula. Meanwhile, Mazda fuxored up the new 3. That face is hideous. Acura screwed the pooch on the new TL and Subaru shit the bed on the new Legacy. So new doesn’t mean better and when you already have nice looking, attractive product there is no reason to rock the boat. How long has the Porsche 911 looked pretty much the same?

  4. Only Audi knows how to completely redesign a vehicle and make it look like the previous generation at the same time. They also sometimes have a habit of moving design cues from one car to another nad call that new too.

  5. I think when compared to other german cars (like the hideous Bimmers and Benz’s today) Audi’s look good. But like Vince said – the styling hasn’t evolved at all in maybe a decade. New head- and taillights. In fact I think they have become uglier, and that LED whisker gimmick up front looks like crap.

    No matter though – I think Audis are overpriced these days. Other people buy them so they make money so good on them, but they won’t get mine due to the value coefficient plus I’m not a badge whore.

  6. I hate Audis.

    I’ll openly say it. Four VW products have been lemoned where I work and I hope that the entire company (minus Porsche and Bugatti) burn to the ground.

    The A3 is a pointless vehicle. It is essentially a five door (or three door if you are in EU)GTI with a nicer interior.

    Save yourself the money and buy a GTI. Or, you could save yourself a bunch of trouble and just buy something that isn’t a VW.

    Speaking of reliability issues, I was behind a newer (current generation) Jetta GLI in traffic and it was burning oil already. Every time he got on the throttle it was burning oil. High quality product VW produces, did I mention that FOUR have been lemoned where I work????

  7. I agree that A3s are gorgeous. At the same time you get the same by buying a Golf GTI. And, of course, they will both be unreliable in the long term. So, lease them and do not buy them.

  8. Audi’s realibility is a lot better than VW’s, even though they are the same company. And I agree, I think they are gorgeous. I’ve owned two and currently have a BMW and have had WAY more problems with my BMW than with my Audis.

  9. I don’t think the previous post believes making money is a sign of beauty; beauty is indeed subjective. But rather, in these difficult times, any car company, especially luxury cars, that is making money, must be doing something right. So, even if it’s not your cup of tea, there must be a lot of people who find Audis attractive. And I’m one of them. 🙂

  10. “Anonymous said…
    Audi’s realibility is a lot better than VW’s, even though they are the same company.”

    You must not read Consumer Reports or listen to J.D. Power then. Four VW products have been lemoned where I work, including an Audi.

    A3 = GTI
    A4 = Passat

    Both of which are very unreliable.

  11. I used to want an Audi so bad when I was younger. I really loved their sleek German styling, but recent designs have gotten clunkier and fatter looking. The only Audi in their lineup that looks good is the A5 Coupe, but after my terrible experience with a German-made 2001 VW Golf, I will never think of buying any VW-related product again. The airbag system on that Golf broke down more than 4 times!

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