Renault as Saturn???

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It now seem that Renault is very interested in acquiring the Saturn brand.

You would think they could already sell Renaults as Nissans, but they haven’t so far.
And some Renault models would compete directly with Nissan in the US. ( But I guess that never stopped them from selling both brands in Europe).
I thought Peugeot would actually be more interested to get the Saturn dealers. They have nothing in the US…

We’ll see…

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  1. If GM was smart they would just kill Saturn to keep away the competition. Saturn in the right hands could be a really good car manufacturer, especially in the hands of Peugeot or Renault.

  2. Nissan in Tennessee, Saturn in Tennessee. Perhaps a good idea for Renault to capitalize on the location of both, and sell their non-Nissan stuff in the US. I still wouldn’t buy a French auto though…

  3. Why not just sell Renault vehicles with the badges they left the factory with…”Renault”
    Makes sense??
    It would save alot of time and money.

  4. How retarded would it be if Renault is successful in marketing Saturn better than GM could? It would just underscore GM’s inept management.

  5. What is the point!? Saturn has no stand-alone vehicles. They are all justrebadged this or that. Why not just sell them as Renault? Whom are they fooling!?

  6. Hey Vince, Why not combine Mitsubishi with Saturn since they are both at the bottom of the food chain?

  7. Saturn and Pontiac failed because they made ugly crappy cars for the past 20 years +. It had nothing to do with marketing, people just started realizing that if you wanted to buy a car made in the USA and if you wanted a reliable good looking car, you had to buy a Honda or Toyota. Most of the big 3 car manufacturers assemble their cars in Mexico or Canada, not the US and they have been making the ugliest cars for a long time. They have put out some nice looking cars in the past couple of years, but its just too late for Chrysler. They are owned and operated by the UAW and the USA Government. I wouldn’t have ever bought a car from Chrysler before, but now I am 100% sure they will never get my business.

  8. You Dumb, ignorant buggers. Wake Up!. Nothing is actually French or Japanese, or Korean. They are all sleeping with each other. It’s like you all hear about the joint ventures but once a badge is stamped on a car, you forget that they are all mostly joint ventures. One Dud posted here that he / she would never drive a french car, yet people driving around in the very popular and reliable versa by Nissan are driving a renault essentially. There is component sharing, platform sharing etc… going on all around us. Wake up ignorant sheep, it’s a global market. GM made it’s living cheating fools like you.

  9. I think Fiat should aquire Saturn. Last I heard they were looking at Opel and with the exception of the Outlook all Saturns are Opels. Makes sense to me.

  10. It makes perfect sense.
    Renault already builds the Clio in Mexico in the same factory as the Nissan Versa. The Megane is a better looking Sentra.

    I have no doubt that a Clio-based hatch with a Versa drivetrain would outsell the Saturn Astra 10 times over.

  11. I love the idea! GM’s affiliation with Saturn has brought the brand to near death. Renault will breathe life into the brand. I would NEVER buy a GM vehicle and I mean NEVER. But a Renault on the other hand…..

  12. The problem with Peugeot/Citroen is that they don’t have engines that put out more than 200 hp. The cars are good looking but would be perceived as greatly underpowered.

  13. bring ’em here to replace the doggy sentra line…giddy up Nissan, I thought Ghosn was a thinker, he missed this one.

  14. I actually think Renaults would work really well rebadged as Saturns. The Clio, Mégane and Laguna lines as well as the Kangoo could work as Saturns.

    Here’s the whole lineup:

    and if they decide not to rebadge them, they could still use Saturn’s dealership network. Or maybe a combination Saturn for the low-end cars and Renault for the more expensive ones.

    and it would be a good idea for GM to Give Renault some factories so that they can produce price-competitive cars too, the Euro makes importing from Europe a bit out of the question.

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